Acro Yoga = Trust

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Acro Yoga = Trust

TRUST. When you read that word what comes to mind? For me trust is a very emotive word. I trust myself implicitly, it has taken time to do that. It has taken time, adventures, some might say some mis-adventures to learn that I can truly trust me.To many of you this might sound strange, you might be thinking of course you trust yourself. However, I can tell you from my own experiences and from many other clients and friends, over many years most people never take a real look at themselves to understand what I even mean by trusting yourself.

The more I work with people and ask them what I think are the simplest question the more I know this one thing. Society and those in the ‘know’ have dictated that we spend time learning things that we have been told are important to know and so very little time learning about ourselves.  We send our children to be educated or mis-educated into a system that actually aims for them to become ‘cookies’ from what I call the ‘cookie cutter’ model. To think the same things be able to learn the same things at the same time, and if they don’t then there is something wrong with them. Have you ever really stopped to think about any of these things?  Probably not or if you did, you stopped yourself and got back into line back into ‘cookie’ cutter model.

Trust in yourself is, I believe one of the most important things that we can learn. To trust your judgement, your thinking and feeling and know that you have got you and your best interests at heart. That all those who may say they have your best interests may not be the ones to trust implicitly.

Last Saturday I took part in my first ever Acro Yoga workshop, this meant that I had to trust others 100% to hold me, metaphorically and literally hold me up in space. The key for me was first to trust myself, that no matter what thoughts and feelings were going on I trust me, so then I can extend that trust to others. We spent some time with our teacher where she was teaching us different moves, each and every one was to teach us to trust, ourselves and then to trust others. Like anything in life when you are being stretched out of your comfort zone, your mind can start to play around with you. It can lead you to create stories that aren’t true, you start to imagine worse case scenarios. Such as in the workshop what if they can’t hold me, what if they drop me, what if, what if. Creating the fight or flight and brains running amok with the wrong brain chemicals.

So, what was the key learning for most people during that workshop? TRUST yes that simple. Trust that you have you and if you are open to communication, feeling it and listening to it you could quite literally learn to fly.  We all learnt to do things that we had perhaps thought not possible.We stepped into a mental and physical space where trust was the be all and end all, everything of those 3 hours. I saw people do things they thought were not possible. Because they took a leap of faith and trust they did things that saw such joy and passion it was fantastic to be part of that growth and knowledge.

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