Kundalini Yoga and Sound Bath

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“The Gong is the first and last instrument for the human mind, there is only one thing that can supersede and command the human mind, the sound of the Gong. It is the first sound in the universe, the sound that created this universe. It’s the basic creative sound. To the mind, the sound of the gong is like a mother and father that gave it birth. The mind has no power to resist a gong that is well played.”
-Yogi Bhajan

Saturday the 28thApril saw a gathering of 30 people all keen to experience the Kundalini Yoga and Sound Bath with Lucy Keaveny of Kundalini Rise based in the UK. There had been much excitement leading up to the event, especially when the Water Gong arrived all the way from Poland! We had been patiently waiting and praying quite literally, that the gong would arrive on time!

The Shed was set for the event and the Water Gong looked magnificent, with what looked like a shrine underneath it with flowers, and other music instruments. Lucy looked like a magical mystical being ready to take us on a journey. Take us on a journey she did. That is how we all felt as we went through the morning, magical and mystical. We felt like we had been transported to an alternative place of being, an alternative state of consciousness.

The Kundalini yoga raised our energy and our vibration it was like we went into some kind of trance state, with its repetition and rhythmic postures and moves and the constant repeating of the mantra ‘sat nam’ truth is my name.

After the kundalini yoga, we took a quick break we then all got ready for what I think most of us were intrigued about, the Sound Bath. It’s hard to explain just how wonderful this experience was. It literally takes most people to another place. As a qualified hypnotherapist, I can drop in to an altered state of consciousness very quickly. I was not prepared to go so deep so quickly. I came to and realised I had been off in time and space or so it felt for 20 minutes. I then took the time to raise myself so I could capture some of the magic that was being experienced in photos and video. Everyone appeared to have drifted off in to their own magical place. It really was a profound experience for us all.

A little bit of knowledge about the gong, and why it works its magic. The gong enables deep healing on a cellular level. It allows your mind to resonate to the frequency of the sounds so that you can truly switch off your monkey mind. Each gong bath is 45 minutes long so it works in time with your sleep cycles. Gong bath can bring you into a resting state so that your body can heal on a deep cellular and emotional level.

We loved it so much we even managed to get Lucy back to replace one of the yoga classes as we just hadn’t had enough! In terms of healing taking place several people mentioned things that had happened that made no sense, to them on a conscious level. Feelings, movements in parts of bodies that had previously had surgery or medical issues. I for one believe that it works at a cellular level and it seems after the gong baths a few people who could not logically understand what had happened, simply succumbed to the magic of it all. 

We like magic, we love The Shed and we love to share so make sure to keep a look out for upcoming events in The Shed.

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Acro Yoga = Trust

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Acro Yoga = Trust

TRUST. When you read that word what comes to mind? For me trust is a very emotive word. I trust myself implicitly, it has taken time to do that. It has taken time, adventures, some might say some mis-adventures to learn that I can truly trust me.To many of you this might sound strange, you might be thinking of course you trust yourself. However, I can tell you from my own experiences and from many other clients and friends, over many years most people never take a real look at themselves to understand what I even mean by trusting yourself.

The more I work with people and ask them what I think are the simplest question the more I know this one thing. Society and those in the ‘know’ have dictated that we spend time learning things that we have been told are important to know and so very little time learning about ourselves.  We send our children to be educated or mis-educated into a system that actually aims for them to become ‘cookies’ from what I call the ‘cookie cutter’ model. To think the same things be able to learn the same things at the same time, and if they don’t then there is something wrong with them. Have you ever really stopped to think about any of these things?  Probably not or if you did, you stopped yourself and got back into line back into ‘cookie’ cutter model.

Trust in yourself is, I believe one of the most important things that we can learn. To trust your judgement, your thinking and feeling and know that you have got you and your best interests at heart. That all those who may say they have your best interests may not be the ones to trust implicitly.

Last Saturday I took part in my first ever Acro Yoga workshop, this meant that I had to trust others 100% to hold me, metaphorically and literally hold me up in space. The key for me was first to trust myself, that no matter what thoughts and feelings were going on I trust me, so then I can extend that trust to others. We spent some time with our teacher where she was teaching us different moves, each and every one was to teach us to trust, ourselves and then to trust others. Like anything in life when you are being stretched out of your comfort zone, your mind can start to play around with you. It can lead you to create stories that aren’t true, you start to imagine worse case scenarios. Such as in the workshop what if they can’t hold me, what if they drop me, what if, what if. Creating the fight or flight and brains running amok with the wrong brain chemicals.

So, what was the key learning for most people during that workshop? TRUST yes that simple. Trust that you have you and if you are open to communication, feeling it and listening to it you could quite literally learn to fly.  We all learnt to do things that we had perhaps thought not possible.We stepped into a mental and physical space where trust was the be all and end all, everything of those 3 hours. I saw people do things they thought were not possible. Because they took a leap of faith and trust they did things that saw such joy and passion it was fantastic to be part of that growth and knowledge.

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Meditation and Thai Yoga Massage

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Sunday the 25th February saw a gathering of people looking to relax their minds and bodies. 

They certainly found both in abundance. Owen who had been visiting the Island for 3 weeks sharing yoga in The Shed with us  and Ivana a regular Yogi here in Antigua came together to share some wonderful insights with us.

They were a perfect combination as we knew they would be. Both with their own styles yet perfectly blending to share knowledge and insights with us all. 

Owen led us on an inward journey with a beautiful meditation and then Ivana showed us how to share some wonderful Thai yoga massage with our partners.  All i can say is that minds and bodies  learnt new ways to relax and certainly had one of the best Sunday afternoons.  

Here at The Shed we want to share with you so please take the time to check in on us, you never know what is coming next.  

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