Meditation and Thai Massage Workshop

25th February

The Shed Sugar Ridge
2:00 pm until 5:30 pm
with Owen Bailey and Ivana Csomosova
Just 50 xcd for this wonderful afternoon.

The perfect Sunday afternoon join Owen and Ivana for a mind, body and soulful experience. Where energy work and meditation join together to create a beautiful experience for all your senses.

Allow Owen to first take you on an inward journey in a meditation that will go beyond the mind and experience your essential nature, journey into peace, happiness, and bliss. Ivana then invites you to join in the sacred conversation from Heart to Heart. Learn the basic techniques of the ancient healing system of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage. You will dive deeply into the Art of Giving and Receiving, into the sacred dance of our physical and etheric bodies.

The blending of 2 ancient arts meditation and Thai yoga massage. 

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