Meditation and Thai Yoga Massage

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Sunday the 25th February saw a gathering of people looking to relax their minds and bodies. 

They certainly found both in abundance. Owen who had been visiting the Island for 3 weeks sharing yoga in The Shed with us  and Ivana a regular Yogi here in Antigua came together to share some wonderful insights with us.

They were a perfect combination as we knew they would be. Both with their own styles yet perfectly blending to share knowledge and insights with us all. 

Owen led us on an inward journey with a beautiful meditation and then Ivana showed us how to share some wonderful Thai yoga massage with our partners.  All i can say is that minds and bodies  learnt new ways to relax and certainly had one of the best Sunday afternoons.  

Here at The Shed we want to share with you so please take the time to check in on us, you never know what is coming next.  

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